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Our Treatment



Dry Needling (IMS)

Soothes irritated nerves and releases painful muscle guarding.  Often results can be noticed after 1st visit.

Physical Therapy Session

Exercise Rehab

Promotes functional strength which allows proper healing of an injury for quick short term and long term results. 

Child Physiotherapy


Provides stability and support for joints and muscles without restricting range of motion. 


Sport Rehab

Sport specific, functional movement assessment, and treatment. 


Inter Ferential Current

Pain relief and tissue repair. Also helps reduce inflammation. 


Whiplash Therapy

Specific soft tissue based treatment protocol to recover from adverse affects of a motor vehicle accident. 


Manual Therapy

Mobilizes joints and muscles to remove any fixations and improve joint and muscle range of motion. 

Woman & Doctor

Mackenzie Method

An effective way to diagnose and treat chronic lower back pain. 


Positional Release 

Helps to correct musculoskeletal and neurological imbalances to facilitate tissue regeneration and repair. 

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